Dante Sica: “We are giving signals to lower the level of uncertainty”

After five consecutive months of falling activity, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) approached the Minister of Production, Dante Sica, an extensive document with the measures they consider urgent to alleviate the crisis that the sector is going through.

For more than an hour, and after its presentation at the Congress, Sica again heard the demands of this sector that basically go through the need to lower interest rates, to recompose the chain of payments, to attenuate the tax pressure and to refinance the debt that SMEs have and that currently reaches $ 524 billion.

Without punctual promises about this handful of claims he received, or announcements, the official, accompanied by the secretary Pyme Mariano Mayer, tried to transmit calm to his interlocutors willing to listen to him. Sica enumerated, then the “small signals” positive that, according to the Government, is giving macroeconomics.

“We are giving signals to lower the level of uncertainty, and today we are more optimistic about how we are progressing and how we are going to finish the year,” Sica told them. “We are going to have one more month of inflation, in the order of 4% and then in December it would go down to 3%, we are going through the final stretch of the crisis,” he said, trying to reassure the businessmen.

Also, the official tried a kind of consolation: “Still not noticed, especially in some sectors such as trade, textiles, footwear, electronics, but we will be better,” he said. “We keep our work agenda, for example, on Friday there will be an important announcement with the AFIP,” he said. Then, also with the banking sector, which is working on financing for the export sector, he said.

“These measures to the small business are slow to come in. You feel that we are not doing anything but we must work side by side.” He said.

At the end of the meeting, the head of CAME, Gerardo Diaz Beltr├ín, told the press that “SMEs are in intermediate therapy”, supporting the vagaries of macroeconomics. And that, although in the coming months there is a prospect of low inflation and therefore interest rates, “we need measures to reach December,” he said.

In the document delivered to the minister, the businessmen also demanded measures to encourage consumption, to reactivate the productive investment and the regulation of Article 10 of the SME Law that empowers the Executive Power to give tax and fiscal benefits to the border provinces that they suffer asymmetries with neighboring countries.

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