El presidente Mauricio Macri en la apertura del j20 junto a la corte suprema Carlos Rosenkrantz Horacio Rosatti, Elena Highton de Nolasco, Ricardo Lorenzetti, Juan Carlos Maqueda y Carlos Rosenkrantz FOTO FEDERICO LOPEZ CLARO

Dujovne, waiting for two sensitive judgments of the Court

After the abrupt departure of Ricardo Lorenzetti and his replacement by Carlos Rosenkrantz changed the customs in the Court. And although the ministers were never personal friends, they knew how to cultivate a certain coexistence that seems to have been broken with the displaced Lorenzetti, according to those who frequent the highest court, which maintains the rite of the monthly meeting with Justice Minister Germán Garavano. Although Nicolás Dujovne recently joined, in other evidence for the official concern of two possible failures of the heads of the administration of justice. These are the ones that define the adjustment to retirees and the payment of Profits by the Judicial Power.

The decision will have a strong impact on public accounts. Rosenkrantz, who recognizes as his mentor nothing less than the great philosopher of Law Carlos Nino, is drastically shortening time. And at least three of its peers (Horacio Rosatti, Elena Highton and Juan Carlos Maqueda) have already adapted. In the case of retirees, the ruling that would come before the end of the year refers to nothing less than the calculation of the adjustment formula and that supposes, if it is adverse to what the State proposed, a multimillion-dollar reduction that nobody dares to calculate. The Court made the decision to accelerate “since retirees can not do it,” according to a friend of the Supreme Court. As for whether the judges must pay Profits, something that was made effective from those designated in 2016, a case arose for a precautionary presentation by the Association of Magistrates. Judge Esteban Furnari ruled against that possibility and then the Chamber confirmed it. The Government appealed and arrived at the Court. The novelty is that the Court gave until November 20 for the Procuración to be issued. And if it is not defined, it will do so on its own. You know at least one vote in favor of paying the tax and it is Rosatti’s. Currently, a judge of first instance has a salary of $ 200,000 and for profits would subtract $ 50,000. In the case of a chambermaid, the $ 260,000 per month corresponds to $ 70,000 of profits and in the case of a Supreme Court, which charges $ 400,000, the withdrawal would reach $ 120,000.

The former head of the Investment Agency, Juan Procaccini, joined Price Waterhouse (PWC), one of the big four worldwide, for an unprecedented platform that guides and serves as a tempting magnet to those seeking investment opportunities in Argentina . With the purchase of Booz Allen, PWC became stronger at the top of global consultancies and developed strategy advice. Procaccini, along with the number one PWC in the country, Norberto Montero, already has its first project: an ambitious turnkey irrigation plan in Río Negro with US equipment. which covers 90,000 hectares, 100 kilometers from the port, and which would produce about 400,000 extra tons of agricultural product. When they are consulted by the sectors of interest, they ensure that infrastructure with the public-private program (PPP) captures the concerns. And that landings are already being prepared in agroindustry, renewable energy, mining and real estate.

Born in 1923, Paladini remains in the hands of the same family. He keeps his heart in Rosario and counts seven plants, own logistics and branches throughout the country. He leads the cold cuts business and seeks to expand quickly to food for a broader basket of products. Always, with the concept of productive integration. So look carefully at the process of selling the assets of BRF, the Brazilian who owns Paty, Vieníssima, Wilson, Tres Cruces and GoodMark, among others, with whom she controls 60% of the hamburger market and 30 % of the sausage business. “We would love to buy them”, those of Paladini slip, admitting that with these interest rates and the country risk that keeps them away from international financing, the opportunity is lost. On December 31, BRF will inform who won the certification.

As seldom, a crowd of officials, politicians, economists and businessmen filled the facilities of the CCK blue whale last Monday to participate in the concert in which the renovation of the Holocaust Museum was presented. The museum is chaired by Marcelo Mindlin, of the Pampa group and the main private operator in the energy business. Its honorary president is the current secretary of Human Rights, Claudio Avruj. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Sergio Massa and Malena Galmarini, Carlos Melconian, Miguel Bein, Miguel Angel Broda, Eduardo Elsztain, Marcos Galperin, Miguel Angel Pichetto, Hernán Lombardi and Guillermo Yanco, among many others, were very moved by Elena’s interpretations Roger, Raúl Lavié and the songs of the resistance by the community choirs.

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