Bank holiday: on Tuesday 6 there will be no banks in the whole country

Next Tuesday, November 6, there will be no activity in all the banks of the country due to the Banking Day holiday that commemorates the foundation, in 1924, of the Banking Association union.

On that date the guild established, as part of the Collective Convention, to stop for 24 hours all stock, banking and financial activity at the national level.

Since all banks are closed, on Tuesday 6 only operations can be carried out in different ATM networks or by homebanking.

Keys to get cash
Supermarkets, pharmacies and service stations: Link and Banelco offer the possibility of withdrawing money at different merchants. The extraction has a cap that varies between $ 3000 and $ 5000, depending on the trade.

When paying for the purchase (key condition to withdraw money), customers of certain businesses must request in the box the amount that is to be taken out.

The YPF and Axion Energy service stations; supermarkets Carrefour, Coto; and the Farmacity chain, are some of the businesses where you can withdraw cash. For that, of course, you have to have your debit card and ID.

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