The AFIP already enabled 10,272 CUIT in digital form

The AFIP already authorized the processing of 10,272 taxpayers who managed their CUIT without attending an agency. The process was 100% digital.

The possibility is open from the 17th of last month. In the last weeks, 32% of the CUIT were managed through this methodology, according to the agency’s data.

The new procedure is done in about 10 minutes. You have to enter the agency’s website and fill in the required information there.

In order to obtain digital CUIT, people must have the latest available version of the Argentine DNI. When entering the web, they must look for the “Digital Registration” access and then upload their ID number.

As if dealing with the procedure in person, the interested parties have to provide a real address, tax address, email address and telephone number (In addition, they must attach the DNI (front and back) and a color photograph of the ID in a legible digital file. face.

“The taxpayers must constitute an electronic fiscal domicile When sending the application and the aforementioned files, the system validates online the information sent based on the databases of the National Registry of Persons,” said Afip.

This digitalization is added to those that the AFIP also implemented to obtain the tax code, the lifting of the foreclosures and the applications of private homes and monotributo.

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