Monero (XMR)

Even with major losses after two weeks of frequently visiting negative market trends, XMR is one of the top trading cryptos among the list of 20 largest cryptocurrencies in the market. As the market is seen in an attempt of recovery, Monero is going up by over 17% in a single day bull run, going above the value of 60$.

After hitting new lows in the past two weeks and going down from the price 112$ to the lowest value of 57$ in less than two weeks, Monero is seen in a rebound on November 28th, scoring new gains among the top traders of the top 20 list of cryptos.

Right after TRON (TRX) with 25% in a single day and NEO (NEO) with over 19% of gains in the last 24 hours, Monero is set among the top daily traders in the category of the top 20 cryptos with scoring 17% of rises.

That is how XMR managed to break the resistance of 60$, trading at the value nearly 63$, however, dips are seen on weekly, monthly and yearly charts, on the other hand, making it difficult for XMR to get back to its price before the November dips.

Monero Up by 17% in a Single Day: Can it Get Back to Above 100$ in the Following Week?

Monero is rising with the rest of the market as the cryptocurrencies are seen in a notable attempt of recovering, although still having the majority of currencies scoring negative returns on weekly charts.

XMR is currently down by -7% in the last week with the latest gains of 17% against the fiat, also managing to get back to the value of 60$ and above with the latest sign of recovery after touching its new low only several days ago.

There is a strong possibility that the market will start to go down with the dips already in the next 24 hours as it was the case with almost the entire November, however, it is considered that the prolonged dip is to come to an end with the ending days of November.

In case the market is able to acquire more resistance in the next 24 hours, there is a strong chance that the cryptos alongside XMR could get back to the price recorded approximately three weeks ago.