Stellar Lumens

Stellar Lumens (XLM) previously dropped to take the 6th spot on the list with the prolonged dip finally taking a toll on XLM. However, Stellar is back up again with the latest positive trends in the market while going up by over 7% against the fiat.

After the market took a rebound on November 26th, the cryptocurrencies soon fell back down to touch new lows with another episode of drops.

During the period of last several weeks when the dip started out, Stellar at first showed resistance to the severe drops as well as Ripple’s XRP, however, XLM was soon affected by the dip dropping back to the 6th spot on the list of live trading currencies.

Instead, EOS was able to get back to the place of the 5th largest crypto. Still, the positive market trends returned on November 28th, pushing Stellar back up with new gains.

EOS Unable to Follow the Daily Progress of Stellar (XLM): XLM 5th Again

Stellar Lumens was one of the rare currencies that was able to collect at least some minor gains alongside XRP during several days in the middle of the dip that started out around the 15th of November.

At one point, due to the fact that Bitcoin Cash was crashing at an accelerated rate after the hard fork, Stellar was able to take the spot of the 4th largest cryptocurrency on the list.

However, XLM couldn’t collect enough positive momentum to be able to resist the frequent dips, so the crypto started to drop with the rest of the market.

With the latest dip, XLM even lost its spot of the 5th largest currency to EOS that was able to return to the rank it acquired back in the second quarter of the year.

The latest rebound taking place of November 28th as the month is slowly coming to an end seems to have provided some advantage for XLM as it is rising back up by over 7% while EOS is barely collecting 1% of gains.

Even though XLM lost more than EOS in the course of the last week by going down by -23% in oppose to the -17% drop that EOS made, Stellar got past its crypto peer by around 100 million dollars in market cap.