Siacoin (SC)

Although ranked below the list of top 20 trading cryptocurrencies, Siacoin is likely to be one of the most promising blockchain-based projects in the market, which is probably why SC has been around for years since 2014. Working on becoming a valuable substitution for cloud-based storages as we know it by representing a decentralized cloud-based storage, here are some reasons why Siacoin will be huge in 2019.

Siacoin (SC) is seen in a surge on November 29th as the majority of the cryptos in the market are showing signs of taking a rebound against the fiat.

Going up by 9% in a single day run, SC brings more value even outside the market prices with its technology while revamping plans that will bring Siacoin to new heights and more recognition in the domain of safe, fast and secure cloud-based storages.

By far, Siacoin came a long way since first being issued as an ICO back in 2014, awaiting 2019 in order to complete the goal of approaching to Amazon S3 speed with new content distribution features.

Here are some reasons why Siacoin will be huge in 2019.

Siacoin Working on Getting Closer to Amazon S3 Speed

One of the biggest plans that Siacoin team has for 2019 is approaching the speed of SC network to Amazon S3 speed, which is said to be able to perform the transfer of files up to 300% faster than an average cloud storage service.

With completing this goal as set for Siacoin within the roadmap for 2019, SC might as well gain an additional push in the market, probably having an increased demand and the rising value as a consequence.

In 20187, Siacoin introduced file sharing for companies, also introducing cold cloud storage, however in 2019, the speed of the service should increase significantly while the team is planning on switching to warm storage.

Siacoin Offers Low Fees and Increased Security for Cloud Storage

Besides from representing a decentralized opponent of well-known cloud storage services like Google Cloud, Amazon S3, and Dropbox, Siacoin also represents a cheaper and safer option for storing your data.

As a decentralized project that has a real-life value, SC is presumed to gain even more attention in 2019, which should also affect its price as companies can acquire more storage space with Siacoin at lower costs and at improved security, posing a threat to other centralized cloud storage providers.