Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Cardano

Ever since Bitcoin SV appeared on the top ten list of trading cryptocurrencies several days ago, the newly minted crypto changed the face of the list of toppers. Since BSV climbed to take the spot of the 9th largest crypto, ADA was sent down to the rank 10. Is ADA able to get back to its rank despite the present dips?

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is around for a bit more than two weeks and we can already see it visiting the list of top ten trading cryptos, staying there on the cost of Cardano’s spot on the list.

Now that BSV is taking the spot of the 9th largest cryptocurrency, currently rising on a daily and weekly basis with over 150% of gains in the last seven days, ADA had to settle with a lower rank suffering from drops once again.

Even though ADA had its opportunity to take a mass rebound during the last 48 hours, we can once again see it down even though the crypto is dropping by barely -2% against the fiat.

Is ADA able to get its rank back from BSV in the upcoming weeks despite the dips?

Cardano Revisiting Dips: ADA Still Down to the Spot of the 10th Largest Crypto

Several days ago on November 26th, after two weeks of having a rough time in the cryptocurrency market, the newly minted currency from the main chain of Bitcoin Cash during the fork, Bitcoin SV, entered the top ten list of live trading cryptocurrencies.

In this endeavor, BSV cost ADA its spot as the ninth-largest crypto, sending it down to the spot number 10. ADA is having a hard time getting back up despite massive plans that the teams behind ADA have for the crypto, so BSV is still dominating the market cap of Cardano.

Since ADA is seen in a decline after two days of rebounding, still seeing a negative return on its weekly chart by nearly -7%, and Bitcoin SV is going up by over 3% in the last 24 hours while recording 154% of gains in the course of the last seven days, ADA appears to be tied for the rank of the 10th largest crypto.

At this point, BSV is making it hard for ADA to get back to its previously acquired rank of the 9th top crypto, being over 600 million dollars short in its market capitalization in oppose to Bitcoin SV that managed to break the resistance of 100$ in the last 24 hours.