Ripple XRP

After 48 hours of settling with gains, Ripple XRP still didn’t break through the initial value of 0.40$, currently trading at 0.37$ with the latest dips. However, KNOMAD, the Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development, is turning to Ripple for the general improvement of global remittance systems.  

Ripple XRP was one of the most bullish cryptos within the November dip, able to take the second spot on the list of all trading cryptocurrencies, although it, later on, dipped with the rest of the market.

XRP is dropping once again after having a chance to take a recovery in the previous two days as the market was going up in a massive rebound.

Although XRP is still under the value of 0.40$ at this point, KNOMAD, the global hub which is said to be working on development and migration problems, is turning to Ripple to see how the company and its Distributed Ledger Technology can improve the way remittance systems are presently functioning.

KNOMAD Turns Their Focus to Ripple: Will XRP Have Some Benefits?

KNOMAD is abbreviated from The Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development, describing a global hub focused on resolving problems regarding general development and migration.

KNOMAD invited the head of Infrastructure and Innovation at Ripple, Dilip Rao, who was invited to attend the KNOMAD seminar that took place one day ago, on November 29th.

Dilip Rao was invited so he could talk about how Ripple is changing the world with their technology in the domain of enabling fast and cheap global payments across the globe with Distributed Ledger Technology.

Although this is a great honor for Ripple, also making a solid good chance for the company to bring DLT technology to a more widely accepted status, it is yet not certain whether XRP will have any benefits from it.

It is said that xRapid and xCurrent, which is the most commonly used Ripple’s product that doesn’t require XRP unlike xRapid, will become interoperable, which might finalize the adoption of XRP alongside the adoption of Ripple’s technology across global banking and financial systems.

Even though Ripple is gaining recognition from KNOMAD, XRP is seen in a decline by a bit over -1% still trading under 0.37$ after 48 hours of collecting gains.

In the meanwhile, Ripple’s XRP has been made available for purchase on Skrill, which additionally improves the visibility of the crypto.