Reliv’ International, Inc. [NASDAQ: RELV] today disclosed its Q1 sales improved $10.3 million than the sales of $9.5 million in 2019. RELV reported a 10% increase in net sales in the US. On the other side, the sales in Europe grew by 2.4% and in Asia sales grew by 10.1%.

RELV prior released the result of 2019 Q4 and the full-year result of 2019. The company disclosed the net sales of $9.3 million. It net sales in the US fell 12.5% in the Q4 of 2019. Its had net sales of $514,000 in the Q4 of 2019. While its net income in Q1 of 2020 is $662,000. Various methods in the Q1 created a net income of $522,000.

RELV also unveiled that it has added the tax paybacks of $178,000 in the first quarter of 2020. The company gained this benefit because of the Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. It has reported the cash equivalents & cash of $2.8 million.

Stocks of RELV jumped 9.766% and recorded the change of +0.3096. The present price of RELV is $3.4796. It has a day low range of 3.3000 and a day high range of 4.500. RELV has decreased by -56.77% from its 52-week high, and it has increased 28.85% from its 52-week low at its current price.

RELV’s profit margin is -1.30%%, and its Return on Investment (ROI) has reached -8.90%. Its Return on Equity (ROE) is -3.80%, and its Return on Assets (ROA) is -2.70%. RELV has a trading volume of 92,315 as contrasted to its average volume of 3.15K. the firm has a total market capitalization of 5.20 million.

The packaged food company has reported 13,680 retail regulars and preferred customers. The firm has recorded a 6.9% decrease in regulars than the previous year of 2019. These figures don’t insert those customers who buy the product directly from wholesalers than the company. Reliv had 25,550 active suppliers. CEO Ryan A. Montgomery said that ‘we were happy with our 2020 results. The Enterprise’s financial result unveiled that the need for Reliv product is high in clients. Several of the sales of the product increased because of this indeterminate time. He said that the corporation is committed to delivering the goods to the clients. Reliv’ has adopted online technology for interaction