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Tesla Inc. [NASDAQ: TSLA] Shares Surges After It Overtakes Toyota

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Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. [NASDAQ: TSLA] has become the world’s largest carmaker after it overtakes Japan’s Toyota. Tesla has become the second-largest carmaker after it exceeds Volkswagen AG in January.

Tesla shares soared 3.69% and up +39.82 after it eclipsed Toyota and become the world’s largest automaker. Its closing price is $1119.63. It has a market capitalization of 213.22 billion. Its gross margin is 18.20%, and the operating margin is 2.80%, and a profit margin is -0.60%.

Tesla has a trading volume of 13.33 million as contrasted to the average volume of 14.45 million. It has a return on investment (ROI) of -0.90%, return on equity (ROE) of -2.10%, and return on assets (ROA) of -0.40%. Its shares climbed after it overtakes Toyota.

Toyota has sold 30 times more cars it has also recorded the 10 times higher revenue. Its shares closed red and have tumbled down 1.19% after the last trading session on Wednesday. Toyota valued at $203.86 billion, recorded the trading volume of 255.13k. It has a 52-weeks low and high range of 108.01-145.41, respectively.

It has moved up 14.93% from its 52-weeks low and moved down -14.63% from its 52-weeks high. Toyota [NYSE: TM] has a gross margin of 18.10%, and a profit margin of 6.90%. Its debt to equity ratio is 1.02.

Tesla is the largest carmaker and its vehicles are known to have the highest energy efficiency. Tesla is continuously struggling to improve the efficiency of its vehicles. Tesla’s vehicles come with a suite of additional sensors, external cameras and also has advanced safety features.

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