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Gilead Sciences [NASDAQ: GILD] To Start Testing Of Inhalable Version Of Remdesivir For COVID-19

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Gilead Sciences, Inc. [NASDAQ: GILD] has started the human testing of the inhaled version of coronavirus drug remdesivir. The company aimed to make the treatment possible which not involve hospitalization.

FDA has given an emergency authorization to Gilead Sciences, Inc. for the use of investigational drug remdesivir for the treatment of COVID-19 in May. According to the company, the testing for the inhaled version of remdesivir will enroll 60 healthy Americans between the age of 18 and 45. Gilead Sciences will test the drug only on those patients who have the disease but not progressed to the point where they need hospitalization.

Remdesivir is the antiviral drug that is being studied in multiple phases. In the current health emergency, the approval for this drug varied in countries. In the countries, where remdesivir is not approved by the authorities it is used as an investigational drug and its efficacy and safety have not been confirmed yet.

Shares of Gilead, Sciences, Inc. [GILD] plummeted 1.06% in the trading on Wednesday after it announced the phase 1a testing of the inhaled version of remdesivir. This company had a trading volume of 6.2 million as compared to the average volume of 16.44 million.

Gilead Sciences, Inc. has a Gross Margin of 79.40%, a Profit Margin of 21.80%, and an Operating Margin of 19.60%. GILD’s return on assets, equity and investment is 8.10%, 22.60%, and 9.50%, respectively.

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