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Microsft’s [NASDAQ: MSFT] LinkedIn Faces Lawsuit For Secretly Reading Apple Users’ Clipboard Content

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Microsoft Corp.’s [NASDAQ: MSFT] LinkedIn was sued by New-York based iPhone users for secretly reading and removing users’ sensitive content from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) Universal Clipboard application.

The lawsuit was filed in Sans Fransico federal court by Adam Bauer. He said that he daily used the LinkedIn app on his iPhone and iPad. The lawsuit stated that social networking service, LinkedIn Corp. secretly reading clipboard information without notifying users.

Apple Inc.’s universal clipboard allows users to copy, text, videos, images from one Apple device and paste it to another Apple device. Universal Clipboard is a brilliant tool for uploading content on the clipboard or stored on the users’ devices to users’ other iCloud connected devices.

Apple’s latest feature started informing users whenever someone accessed clipboard with the notification saying ‘Pasted from Messages.’ Media reports disclosed that more than 53 apps including LinkedIn and TikTok were allegedly reading users’ content.

The lawsuit also stated that Apple’s testers and developers of the most recent OS, iOS 14 caught LinkedIn reading users’ information from the universal clipboard. LinkedIn is not only involved in spying on its users but also caught spying on users’ nearby computers and other devices.

The LinkedIn representative said that the social networking service is currently reviewing the lawsuit. Head of engineering at LinkedIn, Erran Berger disclosed: “Company had traced the problem to a code path that only does an equality check between the clipboard contents and the currently typed content in a text box. We don’t store or transmit the clipboard contents.”

From the past 52-weeks of trading, MSFT has fluctuated from low of $130.78 and a high of $216.38. Continuing to look at its profitability, it has a Gross Margin of 68.20%, Profit Margin of 33.40%, and an operating margin of 37.40%.

Shares of Microsoft Corp. has traded down 0.30% and exhibited a change of -0.65 during the trading of Friday. It has closing price of $213.67. MSFT’s day low and high range of $211.08-$214.08, respectively.

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