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Twitter Inc [NYSE: TWTR] Announces Hacker Downloaded Data From Upto Eight Verified Account

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Twitter Inc. [NYSE: TWTR] has shared an update about a security incident that happened on July 15. The company disclosed that they have started the investigation to know the details of the incident. Hackers have targeted a certain Twitter account of employees through a social engineering scheme.

Social engineering is the intentional manipulation of people into performing certain actions and divulging confidential information. Hackers were successful to use the Twitter account of employees and successfully used their Twitter account to access internal systems of Twitter. Attackers also accessed the two-factor protection system.

Twitter disclosed that in the security incident almost eight Twitter account involved. The attacker downloaded the account information through ‘Your Data Tool’. This tool provides a summary of account detail to the user. They targeted 130 accounts and 45 of those accounts, the hackers were able to start a password reset, log in to the account, and send Tweets.

The hackers gained access to Twitter’s internal system, including some of the platform’s voices, including US presidential candidate Joe Biden, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, former US President Barack Obama, and billionaire Elon Musk.

Shares of Twitter soared 1.50% at $35.81 during the trading of Friday. It had a trading volume of 18.46 million as compared to the average volume of 23.19 million. In the past 52-weeks of trading, it has fluctuated between the low of $20.00 and a high of $45.85..

This company has a gross margin of 66.80%, a profit margin of 36.40% an operating margin of 7.30%. If we turn our focus on profitability, it has return on assets, equity, and investment 10.10%, 14.80%, and 12.80%.

Twitter is currently focused to restore the account of all the users who are still locked because of remediation efforts. It has strived to provide more security to the user so that these incidents will never happen in the future.

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