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AstraZeneca [NYSE: AZN] And Sanofi’s [NASDAQ: SNY] Nirsevimab Shows Positive Result In Phase 2 Trial

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AstraZeneca PLC [NYSE: AZN] and development partner Sanofi’s [NASDAQ: SNY] nirsevimab has shown a promising result in Phase 2 clinical trial, companies disclosed today. Both Sanofi and AstraZeneca have signed an agreement in March 2017 for the development and commercialization of Nirsevimab.

The current Phase 2 study result has shown a significant reduction in Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infections which required medical care in the healthy premature infant. Nirsevimab has decreased the infections by 70% and the need for medical care by 78%.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a lower respiratory tract infection. RSV is a contagious virus that infects the respiratory tract and the most common cause of pneumonia and bronchiolitis. Nirsevimab which is co-developed by Sanofi and AstraZeneca reduced the infections caused by RSV in infants who are experiencing their first RSV season.

Shares of AstraZeneca traded up 0.57% during the trading of Wednesday. Its closing price is $56.64. AZN has a 52-weeks low and high range of $36.15-$64.94, respectively. AZN has a day high range of $57.05 and a day low range of $56.09.

It had a trading volume of roughly 5.04 million as compared to the average volume of 7.14 million. Continuing to look at its profitability, its return on assets (ROA) is 2.50%, return on equity (ROE) is 12.30%, and return on investment (ROI) is 8.30%.

AZN has a Gross Margin of 79.60%, a Profit Margin of 6.00%, and an Operating Margin of 12.10%. Turning our focus on liquidity, its quick ratio is 0.60 and the current ratio is 0.80.

On the other hand, Sanofi’s shares have exhibited a change of 1.95% at $52.84 during the trading session on Wednesday. Its return on investment (ROI) is 3.50%. SNY has a Gross Margin of 68.00%, a Profit Margin of 13.60%, and an Operating Margin of 16.20%.

In the past 52-weeks of trading, its stocks fluctuated between the low of $37.62 and a high of $55.00. SNY has moved up 40.46% from 52-weeks of low range and moved down -3.93% from the 52-weeks of high range.

Phase 2b trial of Nirsevimab fulfilled the primary and secondary endpoints. Nirsevimab gained a statistically significant 70.1% (95% CI: 52.3%-81.2%) reduction of medically attended RSV LRTI contrasted to placebo through 150 days post-dose on the primary endpoint.

On the secondary endpoint, nirsevimab achieved a 78.4% (95% CI: 51.9%-90.3%) relative reduction in the need for medical care due to RSV LRTI compared to placebo through 150 days post-dose.

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