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EHang [NASDAQ: EH] Introduces Intelligent Aerial Firefighting Solution

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EHang Holding Limited [NASDAQ: EH] disclosed Friday it has launched the world’s first large payload intelligent firefighting solution. This latest firefighting version of EHang 216 ‘EHang 216F’ is developed for high rise firefighting.

This new EHang firefighting solution highlights the company’s ability to commercialize its world-leading AAV technology platform for a variety of practical applications, such as firefighting and emergency rescue.

EHang believes that ‘EHang 216F’ is an important firefighting solution of the company as it is vital equipment for thousands of fire stations across China and across the globe.

EHang shares plummeted 1.25%, or down -0.10 cents during the trading of Friday. It has opened at $8.73 and a current close of $7.89. EHang has day low range of $7.70 and a day high range of $8.73.

It had trading volume of 75.33K as compared to the average volume of 56.40K. In the past 52-weeks of trading, this company has 52-weeks low range of $7.59 and a high range of $16.24.

Turning our focus on profitability, its return on investment (ROI) is -13.50%. Its Gross Margin is 58.60%. Currently. it has moved up 3.95% from its 52-weeks low and moved down -51.42% from its 52-weeks high.

Right now, EHang has current ratio of 4.30 and a quick ratio of 4.00. EHang Holding Limited has reported the sales of 18.60 million. It market capitalization is 511.04 million.

EHang 216F has the potential to put an end to high rise fire. 216F can carry upto 150 litres of firefighting foams and 6 fire extingushier bombs in a single trip with a maximum flight altitude of 600 metres.

EHang 216F uses a visible light zoom camera to identify the location of the fire. EHang 216F when identifies fire it then flies slowly to the exact location. EHang 216F uses a laser aiming device to fire a window breaker, the fire extinguishing ‘bombs’, and then a full-range spray of firefighting foam.  Multiple 216Fs can be deployed to rapidly extinguish the fire. 

High rise fire is a major issue in the world. The fire rescue ladder height and reach of fire nozzles are usually less than 50 meters. Moreover, another problem is that the high rise buildings are often located in urban areas and the traffic of urban areas increased the response time.

But the EHang 216F has solved this issue. It is anticipated that EHang 216F will be positioned in urban fire stations which help in firefighting within a 5km radius.

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