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Flash Memory Summit Inks Partnership With TechTarget [NASDAQ: TTGT]

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TechTarget, Inc. [NASDAQ: TTGT] and Flash Memory Summit joined forces today. Flash Memory Summit has disclosed a strategic partnership with TechTarget. The new deal will strengthen the relationship of the Flash Memory Summit with TechTarget Inc.

The strategic partnership of Flash Memory Summit with TechTarget will provide a digital extension of FMS content on the sites of TechTarget. Flash Memory Summit aimed to expand its digital reach to storage designers, IT storage professionals, and Integrators.

Shares of TechTarget Inc. rose 0.06% at $36.29 during the trading of Friday. TechTarget had a trading volume of roughly 269.26K as compared to the average volume of 248.29K.

In the past 52-weeks of trading, this company’s stocks have fluctuated between the low of $16.82 and a high of $36.77. Right now, it has reported the sales of 135.40 million.

If we turn our focus on profitability, it has return on assets (ROA) of 7.40%, return on investment (ROI) 9.90%, and return on equity of 10.80%. Continuing to look at its liquidity, its quick ratio, and the current ratio is 4.60, and the debt to equity ratio is 0.16.

TechTarget Inc’s Gross Margin is 75.60%, Profit Margin is 11.70% and an Operating Margin is 16.20%. Its total market capitalization is 998.34 million.

B2B Technology media network of TechTarget includes the SearchStoarge.com that generate 650,000 monthly page views across IT storage and Infrastructure buyers. It is a space where storage experts can share objective content and support IT pros to solve current storage issues.

SVP Market Development and Executive Publisher at TechTarget, Rebecca Kitchens said that the firm is excited to partner with Virtual FMS 2020. The strategic partnership aimed to expand its digital presence by giving a continued context experience for users.

As per the deal, TechTarget will give a marketing aid for the events including introducing a new section of SearchStorage.com dedicated to Virtual FMS 2020. After this partnership, FMS will provide its organized programming to a large audience.

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