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Novavax [NASDAQ: NVAX] And Takeda [NYSE: TAK] Teams Up For COVID-19 Vaccine In Japan

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Novavax, Inc. [NASDAQ: NVAX] and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited [NYSE: TAK] both teamed up to develop, commercialize Novavax’s COVID-19 candidate in Japan.

NVX-CoV2373, a COVID-19 vaccine candidate of Novavax, Inc. is a stable, prefusion protein developed using the recombinant protein nanoparticle technology of Novavax, Inc.

Novavax has decided to provide license and transfer manufacturing technologies to Takeda so that Takeda will be able to manufacture the vaccine antigen. NVAX will also supply Matrix-M adjuvant to Takeda.

Shares of Takeda had tumbled down 1.30%, or down -0.24 during the trading of Thursday. NVAX has a day low and high range of $18.11-$18.28, respectively.

In the past 52-weeks of trading, this company’s stocks fluctuated between the low of $12.43 and a high of $20.92. NVAX has increased 46.34% from its 52-weeks high and decreased -13.07% from its 52-weeks low.

If we compared its volume, it had trading volume of 617.13K and an average volume of 1.14 million.

On the other hands, the shares of Novavax dropped 3.46%, or down -5.99 cents during the trading of Thursday. It has opened at $178.00 and has a closing price of $167.50.

Novavax has a day low range of $160.26 and a high range of $178.48. Its trading volume is 7.88 million as compared to its average volume which s 9.97 million.

If we turn our focus on its profitability, its return on assets (ROA) is -53.90%, and return on equity (ROE) is 78.80%. Its current ratio is 13.40. Similarly, its quick ratio is also 13.40.

During the past 52-weeks session, NVAX has 52-weeks low and high range of $3.54-$189.40. It has moved up 4631.64% and decreased -11.56%.

Novavax is looking forward to work with Takeda in Japan because of its technical-expertise, leading position and regulatory know-how in Japan. Takeda expects to develop 250 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine per year.

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (MHLW) will provide funding to Takeda for technology transfer and establishment of infrastructure.

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