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ORIX [NYSE: IX] Announces Deal With Envision Digital

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ORIX Corporation’s [NYSE: IX] wholly-owned subsidiary, ORIX Renewable Energy Management (OREM), has partnered with Envision Digital International Pte Ltd.

ORIX Renewable Energy Management aimed to establish advanced analytics and remote monitoring applications in utility-scale solar farms across 82 sites in Japan.

IX shares had tumbled down 1.71%, or down -1.06 cents during the trading of Thursday. It has a day low and high range of $60.42-$61.21, respectively.

It has earlier opened at 61.21 and has a closing price of $60.76. ORIX had a trading volume of 39.1K as compared to the average volume of 56.13K.

If we look at its profitability, its return on assets (ROA) is 2.20%, return on investment (ROI) is 2.10%. Its return on equity (ROE) is 9.50%. Its Gross Margin is 37.50%, Profit Margin is 12.40%, and an Operating Margin is 10.50%.

In the past 52-weeks of trading, this company’s stock has fluctuated between the low of $52.65 & a high of $89.21. Its share has moved up 15.40% and moved down -31.89% from its 52-weeks low and high range.

Furthermore, ORIX Corporation has total market capitalization of 15.75 billion and it has reported the sales of 21.56 billion.

The new deal with Envision Digital will involve the deployment of EnsightTM Solar and EnlightTM Solar. These are the cloud-based advanced analytics and remote monitoring solutions of the company.

EnsightTM Solar has the ability to produce insightful reports and recommend corrective action to improve system performance and health. EnsightTM automatically cleans, categorizes, and analyzes the photovoltaic system’s operational data to calculate meaningful metrics.

Furthermore, OREM’s operations and management team will make the use of the EnsightTM algorithm to maintain the long-term efficiency and health of its PV assets.

On the other hand, EnlightTM Solar is an advanced fleet overlay solution. It enables real-time operational monitoring of the performance of distributed generation solar PV systems, from individual system components through to diverse portfolios of PV sites. 

This will help OREM’s team to take immediate action in case of any malfunctions and maximize power generation capacity. Both these solutions are powered by EnOSTM, Envision Digital’s AIoT operating system.

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