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Tesla Boss Elon Musk Calls COVID Test ‘Bogus’ After Getting Opposite Results On Same Day

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk who repeatedly downplayed the coronavirus has tested both positive and negative for the virus. He openly challenged the credibility of COVID-19 tests. He earlier called coronavirus lockdown measures ‘fascist’.

Elon took to Twitter and wrote that he has taken the test for four-time but the result was bogus as he was tested positive two times and from the same lab, the same machine he also tested negative for the virus. Elon Musk took a rapid antigen test from BD.

Tesla’s Boss took the test after experiencing cold symptoms. He earlier raised questions regarding the spread of COVID-19. He earlier forecasted that there would be zero or close to zero COVID-19 patients in the US by April.

Elon visited Tesla’s work sites on his private jet and also conducted in-person interviews with applicants for the factory.

The CEO said that he has chosen the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests from another laboratory. But it would take 24 hours to receive the results.

Shares of Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) plunged -0.28% at $410.60 during the pre-market trading session of Friday. Tesla’s share price went from a low point around $65.42 to briefly over $502.49 in the past 52-weeks. Its stock surged 529.41% from its 52-weeks low and plunged -18.06% from its 52-weeks low. This company has a total market capitalization of $397.70 billion at the time of writing.

Tesla will soon get the new invesment news as the indonesian president revealed that the country is planning to reach Tesla to fulfill the aim of becoming the biggest producer of EV batteries vehicles. He said that we are aiming to make the country a biggest producer of lithium batteries.

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