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Ford [NYSE: F ] Booked Ultra-Cold Freezers To Ensure Autoworkers Access To The Covid-19 Vaccine

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Ford Motors Co. [NYSE: F] revealed recently that to stock Pfizer Inc Covid-19 vaccine securely, it has requested 12 of the ultra-cold freezer. The automaker took this step to make sure that Its staffs have access to vaccines despite their location.

Keli Felker a Ford spokesperson said “ We are making this move so that the vaccine is accessible to workers on a willing base”

To store the covid 19 vaccines by Pfizer at -95 F Ford purchased mirror efforts by U.S states and cities. So that they can procure equipment for a truckload of vaccine dosages. Pfizer and Moderna Inc are formulating a different type of vaccine. This type requires decreased temperature as compared to other vaccines to be stored. The standard temperature for other vaccines to be stored is 34 to 45 F.

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