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Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] Recalls 9537 SUV’s Because Of Manufacturing Issues

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Tesla Inc. [NASDAQ: TSLA] has released safety recall orders for more than 9500 of its vehicle in the United States. The vehicles include Model Xs SUV from 2016 and Model Y SUV from 2020. Tesla filed the issues with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration due to manufacturing defects. The company intends to recall the vehicle for testing and fixing.

The company recalled 9136 Model X SUVs because while driving some of the parts of the bodies could detach. The parts may disconnect because the primer was not applied in the cosmetic appliques of car features. It can also cause the roof to fall off.  Additionally,  437 model Y SUV were recalled over a loose bolt which can cause separation of the upper control arm from the steering knuckle. If the bolts aren’t tight the driver can lose the ability to steer the car.

The company states that up till now, no issues were reported due to the manufacturing issues and it stated that all the cars that are potentially affected will undergo a retention test and primers and adhesives will be reapplied and reattached properly.

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