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Nokia [NYSE: NOK] Extends Collaboration With AT&T to Deliver Seamless IoT Connectivity

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Nokia Corp. [NYSE: NOK] declared that the company has extended its contract with AT&T [NYSE: T]. The collaboration among the companies can supply and provide an ideal IoT connectivity to other firms around the globe. The company declared that by using its Wing solution and IoT ecosystem it will assist IoT connectivity and aid to improve 5g. “This step was taken so that the client can unlock the potent of IoT. Partnering up with Nokia we will be able to generate new revenues and create new client market,” says Robert Vice president of mobility at AT&T

The partnership of AT&T with the Nokia Wing will enable it to expand its footmark. Furthermore, it will allow its customer to control and associate with multiple IoT devices on their networks. The offer of IoT services around the world will aid clients in running a smother automatic business. It will also provide the benefits of regulatory acceptance, cost control, and real-time management. The company’s Wing has successfully landed in the automotive and financial industry. The Wing is ready to land in transportation and other industries such as retail etc.

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