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Wendy [NASDAQ: WEN] Strikes A Deal With Rebel Foods To Open 250 Cloud Kitchens.

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Wendy’s Co. [NASDAQ: WEN] and Rebel foods have partnered to open about 250 cloud kitchens in India. These kitchens will only serve the customer with food delivery across India without any dine-in options for customers. The company experimented with this new format of serving customers through delivery because of the ongoing pandemic.  

Wendy’s took this approach because amid covid-19 many customers were incapable or unwilling to dine-in. Wendy’s has about 9 traditional outlets in India but it wants to expand. Rebel foods is one of the largest operator of cloud kitchen with more than 300 locations. Wendy’s says that its cloud kitchen partnership is leading in any industry.

The company is also planning to open about 150 traditional outlets in the next 10 years. After facing the challenge where the majority of the citizens don’t eat meat as they treat cow as sacred. The fast-food which served beef hamburgers also offered a special localized menu.

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