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Xilinx [NASDAQ: XLNX] Announced That It Acquired Falcon Computing

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Xilinx Inc. [NASDAQ: XLNX] declared that it has purchased falcon Computing Solutions to make flexible computing more accessible and easily adapted by computer programmers. The Xlinix Vitis unified software program will be enhanced with automatic improvements and enhancements that are aware of hardware. By integrating the Falcons computing into Xlinix Vitis, the software programmers will get help in the acceleration of C++ applications without expertise.

Falcons computing source will reduce the need for programmers to adapt their code. It also removes the need to add architecture-specific programming directives to achieve significant hardware acceleration. Falcons computing compiler technology will provide the skill to enhance software programmability. So that more programmers can access the benefits of adaptive computing. It also makes it easier for programmers to make custom applications with high performance.

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