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Activision [NASDAQ: ATVI] Charges Netflix For Soliciting Its Employees

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Activision Blizzard [NASDAQ: ATVI], a video game publishing company has sued Netflix which is a streaming service. The company pressed charges on the account of Netflix involving in illegal activities. Activision claimed that for a year Netflix has been performing unlawful campaigns to hire its executives. This also includes the hiring of Activision’s previous CFO Spencer Neuman.

Activision further claimed that Netflix intervened with the company’s contract with Spencer the former CFO. And alleged that it even offered spencer that Netflix will pay all the fees in advance to spencer so his legal fees to violate the contract with Activision can be covered.

Activison pressed charges on Netflix for deliberate intrusion and unethical rivalry. The company seeks courts order so that Netflix can be stopped from its interference with activations employees and unspecified financial damage.  

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