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Ford [NYSE: F] Announces The Postponement Of Its Bronco SUV

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Ford [NYSE: F] announced to its dealer that the launch of its Bronco SUV? has been postponed. The delay is caused by difficulties in the supply chain due to COVID-19.  The launch of the upcoming SUV is delayed from spring to summer in 2021. Customer’s reservations orders for upcoming SUV has also been shifted till the middle of January. Now amid the situation, the clients have till the middle of marc to place their orders.

A Ford spokesperson said,” The company is dedicated to building the SUV with such high quality that is expected by our clients”. The delay of this upcoming SUV is causing trouble for ford as the company shares fell. The covid-19 rising cases in the united states has caused potential damage to automakers in the United States. 

The upcoming SUV is highly expected in the year 2021. If sales reach about 125,000 then the Bronco will add nearly $1B to ford. Ford stated that about 150,000 orders were placed by clients for a vehicle which the company produced back in 1965 to 1966.

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