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Cisco [NASDAQ: CSCO] Reached A Deal To Acquire IMImobile For $730 Million

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CISCO [NASDAQ: CSCO] declared that the company entered into a contract to acquire IMImobile PLC. The terms of the agreement are that 595 pence per share will be paid by Cisco in exchange for each share of IMImobile. Or Cisco can Buy IMImobile for approx $730 million assuming fully diluted share, net of cash and debt.  

IMI mobile provides corporations with such facilities that they can stay connected to their consumers through improved interactive networks. Furthermore, IMImobbile services will enhance Cisco’s vision to offer businesses with Customer Experience as a Service. Cisco will be able to offer end-to-end client interaction management systems to the business. The business will have the capability to provide rich customer exposure. Also, their dealings with clients will drive quicker and smoother.

Cisco’s Webex contact center along with IMImobile will offer a solution that will offer companies with AI to produce agents to deal with clients. Moreover, with client data so that contacts with the client can be personalized. Additionally, It will also provide omnichannel means that customers can connect in their network of choice. And will give the business the capability to arrange’s workflows and customize client journeys.

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