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AWS and BMW Group Collaborate To Develop Innovative Cloud-Enabled Solutions

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BMW Group announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services a part of Amazon.com Inc [NASDAQ: AMZN]. Both companies declared a strategic partnership to develop innovative cloud-enabled solutions. The partnership will enhance BMW’s pace of innovation by putting data and analytics at their decision-making center. The companies will join their strengths to increase productivity, performance, and suitability in all aspects of the auto industry lifecycle.

Moreover, the enterprises will also focus on training and upskilling about 5000 of BMW’s software engineers in the latest cloud and AWS technologies and enable the workers into making better use of data. Furthermore, BMW is also working to increase its Cloud Data Hub on Amazon Web services so that it can use this data to deliver innovation across multiple countries.   

Both companies are also looking forward to improving and innovate products and solutions. This move will enable them to increase transparency and operational performance in the supply chain. The BMW Group is also using Amazon EKS service and Amazon Sagemaker. The services will enhance the traceability of automobiles and examine data from vehicle systems.

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