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SolarWinds With Its Board Of Directors Named a New CEO And President

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Solarwinds [NYSE: SWI] along with its board of directors has appointed Sudhakar Ramakrishna as the company’s new President and CEO. Sudhakar will act as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, President, and Member of the Board starting from January 4th, 2020. The Chairman of the Board Bill Bock stated “ We delightedly welcome Sudhakar Ramakrishna as the CEO of SolarWinds”

He further stated “ Sudhakar is a proven leader. He has considerable experience in leading technology organizations globally. Moreover, His expertise in organizational development, planning, and leading will be of great use. His strategic skills will help provide a strong executive leadership future of the company”

Sudhakar said “ SolarWinds is leading at providing customers with a simple solution to manage complex IT systems. I am honored to be a part of Solar winds and work with its marvelous teams. Furthermore, This will expand our focus on customer’s success as we deliver them without IT solutions for emerging needs in the hybrid world.”

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