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Unity [NYSE: U] Launches Unity Forma A Catalyst For Digital Marketing Production.

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Unity [NYSE: U], a real-time 3D creating platform introduces Unity Forma. It is a digital marketing production tool that enables the creation and publication of real-time 3D marketing content and interactive experience from 3D engineering data. Marketing teams can minizine cost and production timelines using Unity Forma. Unity Forma can also help these teams to devote more of their time to innovative processes to bring more customers.

Unity Forma has expanded Unity’s power into RT3D technology. The marketers will be able to use this technology without any expertise in Unity or programming.  They can easily show their products in a realistic view, in a different number of formats. The content is optimized according to the marketer’s need whether it is intended for the platform or directly uploaded on mobile devices. Moreover, this technology reveals major efficiencies in digital marketing production. It enables interactive 3D product configuration, importing of 3D engineering data, showing all the models in realistic visuals.

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