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Microsoft [NASDAQ: MSFT] And T-Systems Extend Their Collaboration To Enhance Cloud Services

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Microsoft Corporation [NASDAQ: MSFT] revealed that the company has extended its collaboration with Deutsche Telekom Group. This extension will facilitate clients to enhance their cloud transformation initiatives. It will also help in enhancing productivity and digitizing the business processes with Microsoft Azure and 365.

The cloud for many enterprises will act as a chance to minimize their IT costs, to improve resilience, and enhance invention. The combination of Microsoft cloud and AI abilities with Telekom’s Cloud Migration framework will encourage the clients to enhance their productiveness. Furthermore, these facilities will allow clients to create more active and durable operations and deliver faster cloud offerings.

Ceo of Telekom stated, “ This cooperation will allow us to upgrade our services for clients. Moreover, we settled on this collaborative framework with Microsoft to support each other with digitalization.”.

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