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AnPac Bio [NASDAQ: ANPC] Exhibits That Its CDA Technology Is Sensitive To Identifying Pre-cancer Diseases

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AnPac Bio-Medical Sciences Co [NASDAQ: ANPC] revealed that the company has made substantial improvements in identifying pre-cancer diseases. AnPac made progress through a novel sensor design, sensor fabrication detection process, etc. The company recently completed the testing of 110,000 people through its Cancer Differentiation Analysis Technology.

Moreover, Its follow up study involved the evaluation of 13000 people with high, medium, and low cancer risk using CDA technology.  The first phase results of the study revealed that technology is competent in delivering useful information. It is also useful for detecting pre-cancer diseases. The technology screened 20 types of pre-cancer diseases with Thyroid tumor ranking 1 and Pulmonary tumor ranking 2.

Out of the 13,000 people, AnPac screened out and affirmed pre-malignancy cases at generally 4.5 occasions of that of cancer growth cases, firmly exhibiting that AnPac Bio CDA innovation is capable of identifying pre-cancer diseases and it could play a vital role in disease inhibition

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