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Hologic [NASDAQ: HOLX] Reports The Completion of SOMATEX Purchase

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Hologic [NASDAQ: HOLX] reported that the company has completed the purchase of SOMATEX Medical Technologies. E-Med Solutions formerly owned SOMATEX, and now Hologic purchases it for $64Million. The acquisition accelerates the company’s strategy to deliver a thorough set of inventive solutions across the field of breast health care. Moreover, SOMATEX range of differentiated products will also aid Hologic in strengthing and extending its breast cancer portfolio.

The transaction will also result in Hologic boosting its sales area in Europe. This will happen through expanding the direct channel in Germany and extending the network of regional and international distributor partners.

SOMATEX concentrate on the advancement of devices that are minimally invasive in the areas of tumor diagnostics and interventional specialties. This will provide the Hologic with further abilities and skills to grow its resources in breast health care.

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