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Thryv Holdings [NASDAQ: THRY] Is In Discussion To Purchase Sensis

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Thryv holdings Inc [NASDAQ: THRY] reported that the company is in discussion and intends to buy Sensis Holdings Limited. Sensis is a leader in marketing solutions provider that serves small and medium-sized businesses. Moreover, With this acquisition, the company will be able to expand its footprint in the international market.

Joe Walsh CEO Thryv said “ This acquisition of Sensis signifies an extraordinary opportunity for Thryv to expand into the international market. Sensis is a leading industry player that has aided many small and medium businesses in Australia to market themselves successfully. “

This transaction will aid the entrepreneurs in Australia to run a smatter business by using Thryv. Furthermore, this transaction will also capture a new market and bring more than 100k current customers of Sensis to Thryv. Additionally, Australia’s market is revolutionizing into the digital world and it possesses 2.3 million Small businesses which Thryv will target with is SMB software.

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