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Sequential Brands [NASDAQ: SQBG] Partnered With Omega Apparel To Create A New Collection

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Sequential Brands Group [NASDAQ: SQBG] reported that the company has collaborated with Omega Apparel for its denim business. With this partnership, the company will develop a new collection line of men’s and women’s denim. Furthermore, The company will launch its new collections lines next year. The company will sell the new collection at their current channels and department stores.

We’re eager to make a new line of denim. Since the William Rast brand inauguration, it is known for conveying quality, fashion-forward design, and premium fit. We’re anticipating to launch in a year and growing the brand into extra distribution channels as well,” said Arta Isovski, Senior Vice President of Sequential’s Lifestyle Division.

“We are extremely glad to welcome William Rast as our most recent accomplice. Moreover, with our wide range of resources, we are sure that we can keep on growing William Rast. We can make it into a significant, supportable, fashion-forward brand for us and our retail clients,” said Freddy Mamrout, Division Director of Millennial Apparel Group.

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