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Shutterstock [NYSE: SSTK] To Extend Its Agreement With EPA

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Shutterstock [NYSE: SSTK] reported that the company renewed its exclusive contract with the European Pressphoto Agency. The extended contract is to distribute the visual content collection of Shutterstock to North America Uk and Ireland. Meanwhile, as per the contract, the EPA will preserve the privileges to distribute its Photo and video offering in Germany.

Candice Murray  VP editorial at Shutterstock “ we’re glad to proceed with our exclusive collaboration with EPA. As one of the world’s leading photo agencies transmitting premium worldwide news exposure and captivating video content, EPA’s amazing range is a resource for our foundation, and resounds with Shutterstock clients universally.”

Moreover, Julia R Arévalo EPA CEO said “Our collaboration gave many clients around the globe access to EPA’s extensive content library. The worldwide reach of Shutterstock’s distribution network is matchless. Additionally, We are glad to proceed with this collaboration, driving development, and expanding on our global presence.”

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