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A Paychex [NASDAQ: PAYX] Subsidiary Announces Strategic Collaboration With Zoho Books

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SurePayroll, a subsidiary of Paychex company [NASDAQ: PAYX] revealed that the company has formed a collaboration with Zoho books. SurePAyroll is a provider of small business payroll and HR solutions meanwhile Zoho Books is an accounting software. This collaboration represents the business vision to deliver an effortless experience to small businesses. This relationship with Zoho is another milestone in the companies commitment to simplify back-office operations in small businesses.

With this collaboration, the customers will be able to access and download reports that are well-suited with their accounting platform of choice. Moreover, they will also have a choice to directly integrate it into their Zoho book accounts. The clients who subscribe to this integration through SurePayroll will have their data automatically and safely transferred into Zoho accounts with every processed payroll.

Jamal Ayyad head of product Surepayroll. “ The demand for an integrated accounting software solution is high in the market. Small businesses have a unique affinity for Zoho books and that is really impressive for us. We are glad to collaborate with Zoho who is as customer powered as SurePayroll”

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