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JPMorgan [NYSE: JPM] Announced To Initiate A Digital Retail Bank In The United Kingdom

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JPMorgan Chase [NYSE: JPM] revealed that the company will launch a new digital retail bank in the United Kingdom offering the customer of the region a brand new banking choice.  The digital bank will use the Chase brand to provide products and tailored features to meet the needs of the customer through an innovative mobile application.

The headquarter of the digital bank is located at the Canary Wharf in London. A purpose-built contact center is located in Edinburgh which will serve the customers. Moreover, The customer contact center will be fast to access and will provide personalized services 24/7.

They intend to offer a variety of products starting with a new take on current accounts.  The business has already created nearly 400 jobs in the united kingdom. Additionally, it is planning more hires as it grows. Before public releasing the services are currently in trials for internal testing first.

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