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Nova Lifestyle [NASDAQ: NVFY] Announces The Inauguration Of HealthLine Membership In The Malaysian Market

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Nova lifestyle [ NASDAQ: NVFY] revealed that the company is planning to inaugurate a HealthLine platform based on membership in Malaysia. The company recently launched an online platform to distribute health line products made by 3H Korea. This new platform will focus on Malaysian customers with new product offerings.

Moreover, the company is currently in the process of creating a reward program. With this program, customer experience will enhance furthermore the members of both Nova HealthLine platform will receive a reward

“ We at Nova believe that HealthLine memberships and rewards give an added benefit to customers who are health conscious. Additionally, we believe strongly that these membership and reward establishment and enhancement of our product offerings will prove beneficial for our partners, customers, company and investors”. Tawny Lam CEO president and chairperson of Nova Lifestyle.

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