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Atlassian Corp [NYSE: TEAM] Announces The Acquisition Of Chartio

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Atlassian Corporation [NYSE: TEAM] announced the acquisition of Chartio. The acquisition of Chartio to the Atlassian stage will give a robust analytic experience across our items.

The company said we are excited to report that Atlassian has purchased Chartio. Chartio is a cloud-based analytic and visualization solution situated in San Francisco and Blacksburg, Virginia. Furthermore, We are delighted for Chartio to assist us with giving data visualization across Atlassian items.

Atlassian items are home to a load of information. Our objective is to release the power of this information so our clients can go past out-of-the-box reports. Moreover, they can genuinely tweak analytics to address the issues of their enterprises. Additionally, Chartio is a significant segment of this vision. It fill in as our new analytics and data visualization engine across our items, beginning with the Jira family.

“Chartio purpose was to make working with data open to anybody,” said Dave Fowler, Chartio’s Founder and CEO. “We are excited to join Atlassian and enhance our missions with a particularly spectacular platform, organization, and client base.”

As we work to incorporate Chartio into the Atlassian stage, our north star is to bring together and interface information across our items and third-party devices to surface unique insights to TEAMS and drive them to act. Chartio has fabricated a component-rich, simple-to-use item. Their remarkable culture and constant client focus will assume a critical part in facilitating the chance to unleash the potential for data for each team.” Says Zoe Ghani Head of product, Atlassian.

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