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Nokia [NYSE: NOK] Roll Out Innovative Cloud Charging Solution on AWS for CSPs

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Nokia Corporation [NYSE: NOK] has rolled out a cloud-native convergent charging solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to speed up communications service providers (CSPs) migration of business-critical, high-frequency charging applications to the public cloud, and to offer the benefits of the cloud for 5G.

With the decision of providing a charging system on AWS, Nokia is growing its relation. Presently, the world becomes progressively cloud-focused so the firm is striving that its clients can utilize cloud-native solutions to give a free rein to the possible advantages of the cloud and 5G.

Partnership Benefits with AWS

Furthermore, the firm has disclosed that this declaration, which builds on a current relationship with AWS. It allows CSPs to competently run capacities on AWS and innovator new monetization schemas as part of their journey towards implementing business support systems (BSS) in the public cloud.

The Nokia Converged Charging (NCC) offers true nonstop accessibility, backing the high frequency, low potential demands of an always-on, real-time convergent charging system erected for the requirements of the 5G economy.

Technical Issues

Additionally, the technological blockades of installing charging systems on the public cloud, such as network inactivity, are declining quickly due to faster-devoted networks and far superior CNF implementation. SaaS and public cloud will make inroads into the market for monetization platforms by increasing more than 6.5X from 2019 to 2025 and grow its share to over 14% of the total spend, as per Analysys Mason.

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