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Aurora Mobile [NASDAQ: JG] Inks Agreement with Wanda Film

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Aurora Mobile Limited [NASDAQ: JG] disclosed Thursday that it has inked an agreement with Wanda Film Holding Co Ltd. Since its inception, Aurora Mobile has been striving to meet the needs of developers. The firm has introduced various products to assist the clients to enhance operational efficiency.

After the agreement, with Wanda, JG will utilize its AI technology to assist Wanda in securing more reliable insights on customers’ demands. Furthermore, the firm will also bring smarter movie knowledge to everyone.

Shares of Aurora Mobile went up 2.27% at $3.600 at the time of writing on Thursday. In the past 52-weeks of the trading session, the firm share went up 151.43% from its 52-week low and went down -68.00% from its 52-week low. Aurora Mobile’s total market capitalization reached $342.81 million at the time of writing.

About Wanda Film

Chinese’s market has huge potential for broad applications. Wanda Film is a prominent leader which has always been strived to meet the needs of its clients. Additionally, its main focus is to promote sophisticated technologies for the film industry. The film firm has secured its first position in China for 11 continuous years.

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