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Largo Resources Gets Approval for Listing on Nasdaq Stock Exchange

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Largo Resources disclosed that it has finally obtained authorization from Nasdaq Stock Market LLC. As per the approval, the firm will now eligible to commence trading on Nasdaq Stock Market. Largo will soon start the listing of its issued and outstanding common shares on the stock Nasdaq.

Furthermore, it has been disclosed that Largo will start listing on Nasdaq on April 19, 2021. The firm will commence trading under the symbol “LGO”. Moreover, the firm also continues the listing of its Common Shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “LGO”.

The listing of the Common Shares of the firm on the Nasdaq remains dependent on the fulfillment of all relevant listing and regulatory obligations.

CEO of Largo disclosed that this is the greatest achievement for the firm. Furthermore, it further will strategically expand its U.S.-based Largo Clean Energy division into an industry-prominent, vertically unified vanadium redox flow battery business.

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