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IAA [NYSE: IAA] Announces Expansion of Delivery Services in the UK

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IAA, Inc. [NYSE: IAA] disclosed that its UK-based business unit has decided to expand its vehicle delivery services for its buyers. This expansion decision has enabled the firm to deliver its services in the UK after numerous technology modernization investments.

IAA disclosed that this decision will save the time and money of its customers. The firm will create value for the customers by utilizing an extended vehicle transporter fleet as well as the firm’s INFORM Transportation Management System (TMS) software.

IAA, Inc. shares went down 1.16% as it lost -0.72 during the trading session of Monday. The firm has reported the last closing price of $61.40. Turing our focus on its profitability, it has Return on Assets (ROA) of 8.30%. Its Retrun on Equity (ROE) is -740.70% and Return on Investment (ROI) is 18.50%.

If the buyers will choose the delivery service, they will have the chance to get their vehicle’s delivery order to their place from the branch of IAA. It also creates substantial savings on fuel and other transportation costs. Additionally, IAA customers also get discounts on the majority of deliveries through the new service.

MD of IAA revealed that this service offering has demonstrated the firm’s commitment to creating value for customers in the UK through its technology modernization program.

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