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Esports [NASDAQ: EBET] Announces Gogawi Now Accepting More Than 30 Cryptocurrencies

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Shares of Esport Technologies, Inc. [NASDAQ: EBET] surged 5.51% at $23.74 during the pre-market trading session of Thursday. The firm revealed that its Wagering Website Gogawi is now accepting more than 30 different Cryptocurrencies. The 30 different cryptocurrencies include bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Furthermore, the firm disclosed that the immersive betting destination is accessible in more than 140 jurisdictions around the globe. Esport declared that the bettors will be able to use the 30 different cryptocurrencies. Those thirty cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and many more.

Gogawi.com is striving to provide a strong and dynamic platform for esport betting. Esports’ main goal is to provide a platform to their users where they have fun. EBET is endeavoring to offer the best experiences to the clients and enabling them to bet on all its available markets and events.

Additionally, the combination of the two fastest-growing markets such as cryptocurrency and esports make Gogawi a varied and easy site to use. Esports has relaunched Gogawi in March of 2021.

This relaunch disclosed technology and platform investments of Esports Technologies enhance the esports betting experience of clients. It is best known for providing top matches and games 24×7.

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