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Camping World [NYSE: CWH] to Start Accepting Cryptocurrencies as Payment

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Camping World Holdings Inc, [NYSE: CWH] declared Monday that it has decided to accept the cryptocurrencies as payment. CWH to commence accepting cryptocurrencies for RV buying through a new collaboration with BitPay.

Camping World disclosed that it will use BitPay’s platform to accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH). Moreover, it will choose other cryptocurrencies through a variety of digital wallets. This collaboration is beneficial for CWH as it will be able to attract more clients.

Moreover, this collaboration will also increase the convenience for its clients without holding the currency on its balance sheet. After the partnership, the firm’s share went up 2.27% during the pre-market trading session. It has recorded the price of $44.07 per share at the time of writing on Monday.

Furthermore, the firm revealed that the client in Chicago, IL, and Kenosha, WI will be able to avail the opportunity. But the firm is also exploring ways to extend to all places that sell RVs and to its e-commerce platforms this summer.

The decision of partnership came after the declaration of the firm that it is it is developing a platform for a paperless, online RV buying experience. Camping World disclosed that to attract new customers with new prefrences is the sole responsibility of the firm.

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