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TeraBlock Will Have its Own BSCPad IDO Soon

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TeraBlock which is a project making a platform for automated cryptocurrency portfolio management disclosed that it is preparing for an initial DEX offering (IDO) on the BSCPad platform. TeraBlock revealed that IDO is scheduled to take place on May 11. IDO which is currently gaining popularity on other blockchains like Ethereum is now gearing up for the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem through platforms like BSCPad.

The main objective of TeraBlock is to make it easier for investors to make investments in cryptocurrency. The platform also features a cryptocurrency where users can purchase cryptocurrency with their debit and credit cards. TeraBlock will also provide a portal for exchanging between different crypto assets.

Uniqueness of TeraBlock

The unique feature of TeraBlock is that the project is using Binance Cloud technology supplied by top cryptocurrency exchange Binance. When exchanging between cryptocurrencies, users will be able to get advantage from Binance’s an enormous liquidity, which guarantees that trades are carried out rapidly and with slight drift.

TeraBlock is providing a platform where users will be able to generate cryptocurrency portfolios. The portfolio will be administered automatically by using the assistance of machine learning technology. The platform will provide pre-defined indexes for investing in cryptocurrency. Users will also be able to generate indexes of their own to suit their investing inclinations.

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