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Black.one Introduces Cryptocurrency Exchange Venture with $10B in Funding

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Black.one has disclosed Tuesday that it has launched Bullish Global. Bullish Global is a subsidiary of Black.one. It is a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange that’s supported with more than $10B in cash and digital assets. Additionally, the firm disclosed that its new subsidiary will work as an independent entity from its parent, the firm behind EOSIO open-source software.

Bullish Global is gearing up to drop the exchange in 2021. Bullish will use EOSIO and the EOS Public Blockchain. It will use these to generate a cryptographically authenticated and audit trail of all deals handled on the Bullish platform. It becomes the first to bring externally verifiable state integrity to a high-performance trading and asset management platform.

Furthermore, Bullish Global is exploited with more than $10B in cash and digital assets after a preliminary infusion by Block.one of $100M in cash, 164,000 bitcoins, and 20M EOS. The senior advisors for the firm are Alan Howard, Richard Li, Christian Angermayer, Peter Thiel.

Thiel disclosed that Bullish has a strong balance sheet. Thiel revealed that its vertical integration provides firmness and cash flow to the cryptocurrency space. Li stated that the Bullish has formed a strong team that is concentrated on creating advanced solutions to market.

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