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Aurora Cannabis [NYSE: ACB] Extend Strategic Partnership with Grow Group PLC

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Aurora Cannabis Inc. [NYSE: ACB] declared Thursday that it has decided to expand its long-standing strategic relationship with Grow Group PLC by inking a two-year market access services pact for the UK. Aurora became the first firm to ink a strategic relationship with Grow Group in 2019. Both the firms have gained recognition as managers in the quickly expanding medical cannabis market in the UK.

Aurora disclosed that it has worked successfully with Grow and their joint venture partner, IPS, since stepping foot in the UK market. The decision to renew this agreement will assist the firm to widen the reach for sufferers by utilizing Grow’s work informing physicians and generating consciousness of medical cannabis options.

Furthermore, ACB is striving to offer access to legally produced high-quality pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis to fulfill the demands of the increasing European medical cannabis market. The firm is endeavoring to do this with its EU GMP facility, Aurora Nordic.

On the other hand, Grow disclosed that it is striving by keeping its patient in mind. Tackling the needs of sufferers and expanding reach to medical cannabis in the UK is at the core of Grow’s strategy. The firm disclosed that by collaborating with Aurora it will continue to provide a portfolio of high-quality flowers and extracts to doctors and the sufferers who will advantage from them.

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